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      1. Al-case Li-ion Cells

        Large-capacity, high energy density, and Japan and South Korea batteries synchronization
        Superior performance cycle, 500 cycles ≥ 80% capacity retention rate
        4.35V high-voltage system, meet smartphone demand for higher capacity ...

        Li-ion Polymer Cells

        Polymer battery widely used in mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, portable DVD, Bluetooth headset, wireless communication devices, electronic cigarettes, electric toothbrushes, aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, telecommunications, petroleum ...

        Energy Storage Battery

        Energy Storage Battery are mainly used in the field of UPS, solar and wind energy storage, mobile communication base station, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and other light vehicles such as;
        Banke power battery research and development ...

        Packing Li-ion Battery

        Focus in the field of finished packaging field to invest in developing and expanding high-end application market, the product line covers smart phone battery, Tablet PC batteries, storage batteries, and power batteryThe product has the advantages of high energy conversion efficiency ...

        Advanced BMS

        Green energy in small-scale energy storage and power energy storage device, Banke actively involved in the development of a power management system, the product has a high-performance and high security features. Applications including household storage, street lamps, electric bicycles.